New Report Reveals 19.7 Million Misdirected Physician Referrals in the U.S. Each Year

Research from Kyruus Highlights Shortcomings in the U.S. Healthcare System that Lead to Poor Patient Care and Costly Inefficiencies

New Report Reveals 19.7 Million Misdirected Physician Referrals in the U.S. Each Year

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Nearly 20 million times a year in the U.S., patients are sent to a provider who is not the right match for their condition. This is one of many key findings in a new physician survey conducted by an enterprise healthcare solutions company. The report highlights massive inefficiencies in the way that referrals are currently managed in the U.S. healthcare system.

The concern is that these clinically inappropriate referrals may lead to reduced health outcomes for patients, ineffective use of physician time and avoidable patient costs, amounting to billions of dollars in wasteful spending across the entire U.S. healthcare system.

“The current process for referrals in our health ecosystem is broken,” said Dr. Graham Gardner, Kyruus CEO and co-founder. “This dysfunction substantially affects patients’ ability to access the care they need when they need it. Quality care starts first and foremost by ensuring patients are seen by the right providers. When we fail at this vital first step, the entire system starts to break down, compromising patient care and incurring significant avoidable costs.”

The Kyruus Physician Referral Survey, which surveyed 100 U.S.-based specialist physicians across 11 medical specialties, found:

An infographic illustrating the results of the survey and scope of the problem can be viewed at .

For a more detailed analysis of the survey findings, the Kyruus Physician Referral Report is available at .

Kyruus will continue the discussion of improving operational efficiency through better patient-physician matching at the Annual Thought Leadership on Access Symposium (ATLAS) on Nov. 19, 2014, at the Ritz Carlton in Boston. Senior hospital executives who wish to learn more about the event can visit .

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Note that respondents were allowed to select more than one response.

Based on an average co-pay of $50 per specialist visit and the need for many patients to take a half-day (4 hours) off from work at $25 average hourly wage to visit a physician.