New Mobile App Helps Cancer Patients Use Immunotherapy

NEWTON, Mass., Sept. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --  A new therapeutic tool that helps cancer patients relax and stimulate their immune systems through a non-toxic form immunotherapy is now available through a new mobile application called WHIP CANCER. 

The new app ( provides individuals with cancer with visually enhanced guided imagery tools so they can instantly and accurately picture the cancer cells they want to expel from their bodies.

The patients participate in their own healing by placing vivid images of their cancer cells onto anatomical illustrations at the location of their cancer.

"Imagery is frequently used to empower patients to be active in the healing process, thereby reducing stress and focusing the body's energies on targeting the disease," says Zack Spigelman, MD, internist, hematologist and medical oncologist, at New England Baptist Hospital in Boston.

"Imagery definitely can help cancer patients and it is evidence-based," according to David Rosenthal, MD, Medical Director, Zakim Center for Integrated Therapies, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  

"There are many ways to implement the process and each patient may find their best way to relax and reduce stress. WHIP CANCER is very interesting and would be great for someone who is computer literate. We can add that to our recommendations when discussing mind/body interventions," Dr. Rosenthal said.

The release of WHIP CANCER for the iPhone and iPad coincides with findings by pharmaceutical researchers who are developing drugs that will use the body's immune system to fight cancer.  Immunotherapies are intended to activate the body's immune system, allowing it to recognize cancer cells as the enemy and attack them.

People can use WHIP CANCER's visually enhanced guided imagery, provided by Diane Blumenson, a certified hypnotist and member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, to actively participate in, and bolster their individual cancer treatment. The application provides users with more than 100 cancer images, and with tools to:

  • See and manipulate their cancer cells located at the body site of the cancer
  • Reduce stress when using the guided imagery narrative
  • Become more involved in their own healing

WHIP CANCER can be used while receiving chemotherapy, when waiting to be treated, at a random quiet moment in the day, or at daily scheduled times.   

"WHIP CANCER was inspired by my sister-in-law, Kitty, who lost her short battle with cancer." says Larry Raff, the creator of WHIP CANCER.  

Larry G. Raff, MPH
[email protected]

SOURCE Whip Cancer