New Lansinoh Portal Aids Lactation and Key Health Care Professionals with Breastfeeding and Other Essential Support Tools

Company launches new online resource for health care professionals who help lead the charge to increase breastfeeding duration rates in the U.S.

ALEXANDRIA, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Lansinoh Professional™, a new online portal from Lansinoh Laboratories, Inc., is now live to provide International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC), RNs, midwives, doulas, OB/GYNs, and other health care providers the resources they need to better educate and support breastfeeding moms. Lansinoh Professional™ is part of the company’s ongoing effort to help moms overcome barriers to breastfeeding that are keeping duration rates in the U.S. far lower than is recommended by medical professionals worldwide.

The new portal, also accessible via Lansinoh’s homepage, offers a number of resources to better equip lactation and other health care professionals with the tools to respond to their patients’ questions and needs, such as informational materials about Lansinoh® products and many breastfeeding and related topics including:

  • Breastfeeding 101 for the pregnant and new mom, featuring information such as: check lists to prepare for breastfeeding before giving birth, breastfeeding myths vs. facts, what to expect, benefits of breastfeeding, and tips for getting dads involved.
  • Upcoming national and local events for lactation professionals and health care providers where Lansinoh will have a presence through support, donations, and exhibits.
  • Tips from Lansinoh breastfeeding educators about pumping and storage.
  • Details, including research-based evidence, on the efficacy and safety of Lansinoh® products.
  • How-to videos illustrating breastfeeding techniques and product use.
  • Comprehensive resources list for professionals and moms.
  • Featured breastfeeding news and advice from the Lansinoh sponsored blog, ByMomsForMoms™, Facebook page, and Twitter page.

“A well-informed professional network is a necessity to driving duration rates higher in a country that has fallen short of its breastfeeding goals year after year,” says Gina Ciagne, Certified Lactation Counselor and Senior Director of Breastfeeding Relations for Lansinoh Laboratories, Inc. “The network of lactation professionals and health care providers is often the first place new moms turn for breastfeeding help. We want these professionals to have easy access to the wealth of information Lansinoh has gathered over our 25 years providing support for breastfeeding moms. Lansinoh Professional™ is the bridge that delivers our breastfeeding expertise and information to these professionals and their patients. Lansinoh will continue its commitment to providing information and tools through health care providers to as many moms as possible. We want them to have the support needed to make the decision to start, and to continue, breastfeeding.”

To request samples of Lansinoh® products, call customer service at 800-292-4794 or e-mail [email protected]. Beginning later this year, professionals will be able to order samples of Lansinoh® products directly through Lansinoh Professional™. For more information please contact Gina Ciagne at [email protected].


Founded in 1984 by a breastfeeding mother, Lansinoh Laboratories, Inc., Alexandria, Va., is a global leader of premium products by and for breastfeeding mothers. The company’s expanding product line is available in over 25,000 retail stores nationwide. The company is committed to developing new products that support mothers, babies, and personal health through internal product development and selective acquisitions.

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