New Improved ABILITY Eligibility Product Offers Real-Time Benefits Verification Solution

ABILITY COMPLETE streamlines eligibility and benefit confirmation to ensure faster payment

New Improved ABILITY Eligibility Product Offers Real-Time Benefits Verification Solution


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, the nation’s largest and most secure health network, announced today the launch of a new solution offering a comprehensive workflow tool that facilitates real-time, patient eligibility and benefit verification for skilled nursing facilities, home healthcare agencies and hospice providers. The previous process of calling various payers or searching multiple websites to determine a patient’s eligibility is now replaced with fast, automated access to eligibility and enhanced medical benefit information from hundreds of payers, including Medicare and Medicaid, combined with a technology platform that manages the administrative processes supporting eligibility verification.

ABILITY COMPLETE is a web-based intuitive application that acts as a 270/271 translator, allowing eligibility determinations with the user’s choice of payer or multiple payers through a single-user interface with one login and ID and enhances and augments the standard responses with COMPLETE’s proprietary database of payer information. This single user interface provides a consistent presentation of data across payers: commercial, Medicare and Medicaid. Additional features include full transaction history of eligibility, multiple search criteria options, and batch upload.

“ABILITY COMPLETE, offers a unique view to job function specific information, for example, a clinician responsible for pre-authorizations is alerted to those items needing attention prior to admission, whereas an admitting person sees the real time eligibility information,” said , EVP of Sales & Marketing for ABILITY Network. “ABILITY COMPLETE automates the process of checking and verifying multiple patients’ eligibility at one time across multiple payers, including third party administrators, and intuitively presenting that information to the appropriate staff aligning with their patient workflow, ultimately saving time and improving our clients ability to care for their patients.”

According to a current ABILITY client, “Making daily phone calls and having to wait to check on a patient’s eligibility takes more time than it should, especially when we have a number of patients we need to get through. Now, we have instant access to this information and can check for multiple patients at once, giving us the information we need in order to receive proper and timely reimbursements. ABILITY also gives us the option of having the eligibility information verified automatically and stored for use by any of our staff when needed.”


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