New Digital Signage Zone introduced at IBC2008

The market for Digital Signage is set to grow rapidly over the next few years. New research by NSR predicts that the number of Digital Signage sites (average 3 to 4 screens per site) will grow from 210,000 in 2007 to 850,000 by 2010, attracting advertising revenues of $2.7 billion.

The deployment of digital signage in a variety of commercial environments has created a whole new line of business for companies involved in broadcast technology. Retailers, technology vendors, content providers and brand owners are working together to define the new promotional landscape in retail environments, public arenas, sports stadia, transport concourses and office spaces, using digital signage.

Results to-date have been impressive with the uptake of goods and services in some environments being increased by as much as 400%. Further innovation in content development combined with new delivery channels such as kiosks, mobile phones and PDAs, will further fuel growth and provide companies with new ways to reach and sell to their customers.

The technologies, solutions and content that are driving this revolution will form the focus for the DIGITAL SIGNAGE Zone at IBC2008, a new visitor attraction being introduced at the event this year.

The IBC2008 DIGITAL SIGNAGE Zone will bring together many of the organisations and technologies that are emerging as major forces in this sector. It will therefore provide a unique opportunity for application developers, content providers and technology companies to showcase their capabilities at the heart of the broadcast industry's leading international conference and exhibition.

Commenting on the new development, Michael Crimp, COO, IBC said: "IBC has long had a record for embracing and nurturing new technologies - from High Definition Displays to the more recent introductions of Mobile and IPTV Zones. Digital Signage is now an important part of the broadcast landscape and it is fitting that it now has a focus within the leading industry's leading event."

The DIGITAL SIGNAGE Zone will be accompanied by the IBC2008 DIGITAL SIGNAGE Zone Business Briefings to which attendance is free. These briefings will examine some of the issues and opportunities arising from the growth in digital signage in further detail and are intended to reinforce and complement the established peer reviewed, paid-delegate IBC Conference.

The IBC2008 DIGITAL SIGNAGE Zone is being jointly developed and marketed by IBC, IT Europa and BPL. The new zone is intended to replicate the success of the IBC Mobile and IPTV Zones which were introduced in 2005 and 2007 respectively. The IBC2008 exhibition takes place from 12 - 16 September 2008 at the RAI, Amsterdam.