New CEO at Cigna may mean IntraCorp's departure

Cigna's new CEO, 43-year-old David Cordani, isn't pulling any punches when it comes to expanding the company. According to the Associated Press, Cordani said that Cigna's primary goal is "to grown the corporation on a global footprint." But could that mean the end of one of the company's subsidiaries? 

Ideally, Cordani would like to grow Cigna in places like Indonesia and China--nations with a surging middle-class market for health insurance--but also believes that the company's disability insurance market will expand domestically. Health blogger Joseph Paduda, the principal of national consulting group Health Strategy Associates, thinks that such a move could mean the end for Cigna's IntraCorp subsidiary, which previous CEO Ed Hanway refused to sell. 

"With his stated desire to expand CIGNA internationally, the new CEO is going to have to find capital to fund that growth," Paduda writes. "While IntraCorp is no longer the preeminent company in the work comp managed care space, it has a strong brand, good management, and a wealth of data that could be used for any number of purposes (picking good docs, identifying appropriate patterns of care based on diagnoses...)." 

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