Nevada Health Care Association Partners with COMS Interactive

Daylight IQ™ Offered to NVHCA Members at Discounted Pricing

HENDERSON, Nev., April 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The Nevada Health Care Association (NVHCA) has selected COMS Interactive, LLC (Clinical Outcomes Management Systems or COMS) as a Preferred Partner.  The Partnership Agreement further validates NVHCA's commitment to the association members' concentration on promoting quality health care and providing better care for post-acute residents in the state.  The specific focus of the agreement is on enhancing clinical services to the residents and achieving cost-effective financial outcomes for the NVHCA membership. 

The COMS flagship Disease Management software, Daylight IQ™, has been successfully deployed in skilled  nursing and assisted living facilities and home care organizations throughout the US.  The Software as a Service (SaaS) product features a series of integrated, disease-based library of clinical protocols that significantly empower the entire nursing team at the point of care, while facilitating enhanced communication between all parties.  Daylight IQ™ training can be completed in less than two hours, immediately improving clinical and financial outcomes.   

"As a former Nursing Facility Administrator, I am in a unique position to understand and appreciate the clinical and financial challenges associated with unnecessary hospital re-admissions," noted Daniel Mathis, President and Chief Executive Officer, Nevada Health Care Association.  "We are pleased to offer the benefits of Daylight IQ™ to our members and in turn, look forward to our members incorporating this innovative disease management solution into their care programs."

Daylight IQ™ empowers clinical teams with information and technology resulting in caregivers providing better care for residents.  A key component of Daylight IQ™ is the reduction in unnecessary hospital re-admissions by as much as 50%, a related decrease in premature mortality rates, and an increase in successful discharges.

"Though Nevada has a smaller footprint of skilled nursing facilities, NVHCA is to be commended for their continued thought leadership," noted Edward J. Tromczynski, Chief Executive Officer, COMS Interactive. "We look forward to working with the NVHCA team to bring member facilities advanced care methodologies for achieving superior clinical and financial outcomes."

Market information indicates that the average nursing home, home care or assisted living resident has a complicated disease profile, with one primary disease and up to eight secondary diseases or afflictions. Over 70% of re-hospitalizations are due to the worsening of secondary or new diseases. By providing early detection of changes in condition, Daylight IQ™ highlights potential problems and offers caregivers the opportunity to respond, preventing further progression of the illness.

About the Nevada Health Care Association 
Based in Henderson, the Nevada Health Care Association was established in 1974 as the Nevada Association of Health Facilities.  The overall mission of the NVHCA is to provide leadership and support to the organization's members.  Specifically, this includes educating healthcare professionals, educating members regarding their importance to the elderly community, responding to the needs of members by providing assistance and information on state and federal levels, and by positively influencing all levels of government to ensure the State mandates sufficient funds to appropriately handle the needs of the individuals in their members' care.  For additional information, visit the NVHCA website at or by contacting NVHCA at #866.307.0942.

About COMS Interactive, LLC 
COMS Interactive, LLC partners with twelve state health care associations in deploying processes and systems that stabilize and improve resident health while improving financial outcomes for skilled nursing facilities. The Daylight IQ™ Software as a Service (SaaS) product combines business administration, disease management and long-term healthcare knowledge to empower the nursing team, reduce medical errors, more efficiently address resident healthcare needs and increase facility revenues. This combination of clinical and technical processes can save millions of dollars a year in preventable hospital re-admissions. Additional information regarding COMS Interactive and Daylight IQ™ is available at or by contacting a COMS representative at #330.650.9900.


SOURCE COMS Interactive, LLC