NeoFera® Now Markets New Nanotechnology That Naturally Protects Against Harmful Pathogens Like Cold and Flu

PHOENIX, Nov. 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- NeoFera, LLC, a nutritional products company, is now marketing a new class of products based on a patented nano-catalytic SilverSol Technology®.

The product (Silver Protocol) utilizes an innovative SilverSol Technology®, which has garnered multiple patents in the U.S. and several countries throughout the world, including a broad-use patent that provides the manufacturer (ABL) with exclusive rights to use its silver-based products to combat many of the world's most destructive pathogens.

ABL has performed extensive anti-microbial studies against bacteria, yeast, fungus and other pathogens. Information about these studies is available in the research section of the NeoFera website:

About NeoFera, LLC. The name NeoFera, having origins in Greek and Latin, means New Health., founded in 2009, seeks to provide truly unique, credible, natural, and safe products that really perform. "There are a lot of products that offer anecdotal evidence," says Joe Glenn, President of NeoFera, "but SilverSol has got real studies, a U.S. Patent and we have seen impressive results." The silver hydrosol has consistently demonstrated the ability, without any known toxic side effects, to destroy a wide range of bacteria, viruses, yeast, and molds.

SilverSol Products have been the subject of multiple peer-reviewed articles in professional journals. With over 5 million bottles sold worldwide there have been no complaints of side effects or contraindications. NeoFera markets Silver Protocol as a powerful immune booster using the SilverSol Technology®.

Press Contact: Joe Glenn 1-800-213-0644 or [email protected] 

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