MVP Health Care and RelayHealth to Create a Community of Connected Physicians and Patients

ATLANTA, Oct. 19, 2009 - MVP Health Care, a regional not-for-profit health insurer serving more than 750,000 members in New York, Vermont and New Hampshire, today announced it will begin reimbursing its more than 22,000 physicians for RelayHealth's webVisit® consultations in most of its benefit plans. To help create awareness of RelayHealth's patient and physician online communication services, MVP is partnering with Mohawk Valley Medical Associates (MVMA), an independent physician association (IPA) based in Schenectady, N.Y., to offer physicians immediate reimbursement and subsidies to defray deployment expenses.

Physicians and patients using RelayHealth find it to be an easy, convenient and efficient way to exchange information. From the comfort of their home, office or any location with Internet access, MVP members can complete a webVisit online evaluation of their non-urgent symptoms, such as sinus or back pain. The webVisit's step-by-step clinically structured interview captures detailed information to help their physician make an informed care decision.

RelayHealth also offers patients and physicians a wide array of other connectivity services to facilitate health information exchange, including: results management, personal health record (PHR), requests for appointment scheduling and referrals, patient health education and electronic prescribing. This online service helps enrolled MVP members conveniently deal with routine issues, while enabling physicians to utilize office visit time to treat patients with complex needs.

The relationship with RelayHealth is another step in MVP's strategy to use innovative technology to create a connected community that enables participating physicians to exchange health information with their patients and their provider colleagues seamlessly and securely.

"Empowering MVP members with the ability to engage with their physician through online services provides a more convenient way for patients and families to interact with their physician," said Augusta Martin, MVP Health Care vice president of marketing innovation. "Our members will be able to consult with their physicians on their schedule without missing time from work, which employers find beneficial as well. Physicians will benefit from the improved productivity, efficiency and patient satisfaction."

"We're partnering with MVMA to identify the best early adopters," explained Jerry Salkowe, M.D., MVP Health Care vice president for quality improvement. "Our goal is to identify 200 physicians, and we plan to find at least 50 more in different markets who will actively use webVisit consultations. So far, physician feedback is enthusiastic because RelayHealth is very easy to implement and will complement their electronic health records. We expect online connectivity will be very well received in all of our markets."

"Adoption of RelayHealth will improve physician and patient access to information," continued Dr. Salkowe. "Physicians can make better use of their time. RelayHealth captures and organizes clinical and administrative information in a useful and useable manner so that all stakeholders can be confident the doctor has the right information to make decisions."

Keith Michl, M.D., an internist in Manchester, Vt., has used RelayHealth for several years. "RelayHealth allows confidential communication with my patients. It has reduced patient phone calls and foot traffic, and helps my staff manage patient requests more efficiently," said Dr. Michl. "RelayHealth further complements an electronic medical record system in archiving patient data. The online service is very quick and easy to send prescriptions or refills, and allows patients to easily communicate with their physician."

"We are honored to be working with MVP Health Care in support of their strategy to use technology as a means to facilitate health information exchange between its members and their physicians," said Jim Bodenbender, president of RelayHealth's Consumer and Provider Solutions. "Our goal is to help MVP members and participating health professionals enhance overall efficiencies and patient care as well as physician and patient satisfaction."

MVP Health Care is an active partner with providers in developing innovative technologies to improve care delivery and medical practice efficiencies. MVP's initiatives include medical home demonstration projects in Rochester, Syracuse, the Hudson Valley and the Adirondack region in New York state and in Vermont and New Hampshire. MVP plans to leverage RelayHealth by empowering patients with online tools to manage chronic or other medical conditions in their homes, and serving as a conduit to interconnect with other providers geographically.

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Founded in 1983, MVP Health Care is a regional, not-for-profit health insurer based in Schenectady, N.Y. Through its operating subsidiaries, it provides fully insured and self-funded employer health benefits plans, dental insurance, and ancillary products, such as flexible-spending accounts, to 750,000 subscribers in New York State, Vermont and New Hampshire. For more information, visit:

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Mohawk Valley Medical Associates, Inc. (MVMA) was founded in Schenectady, N.Y., in 1983 as an Independent Practice Association, or IPA, by a small group of community-minded physicians. MVMA has grown to more than 2,000 physicians in nine eastern New York counties: Schenectady, Saratoga, Fulton, Montgomery, Warren, Washington, Albany, Rensselaer and Schoharie. The foundation of the IPA is the concept of representation "by physicians, for physicians" through one large organization. For more information, visit:

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RelayHealth, McKesson's connectivity business, operates as a neutral partner in an open network environment, offering connectivity services and integration among all organizations, systems, and solutions. Its intelligent network is designed to streamline clinical, financial and administrative communication between patients, providers, payors, pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and financial institutions. RelayHealth works to accelerate the delivery of high-quality care and improve financial performance through solutions such as online consultation of physicians by patients, electronic prescribing, point-of-service pharmacy claims resolution by payors, pre-visit patient financial clearance by providers, and post-visit provider bill settlement by payors and patients. RelayHealth securely processes more than 12.8 billion financial and clinical transactions annually across its diverse connectivity businesses. RelayHealth's connectivity services interoperate with more than 20 different ambulatory EHRs and practice management systems. For more information, call (800) 778-6711, or visit our Web site at


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