Mr. Scrushy wants his job back

As expected, ex-HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy appears to be moving quickly on his plan to get his old job back. The Wall Street Journal reports that Scrushy plans to contact large shareholders in an effort to convince them he should be brought back on. The HealthSouth board has said it has no intention of allowing him to return. At an investor meeting in New York, current CEO Jay Grinney attempted to reassure shareholders saying, "the board has made it absolutely clear he will not be coming back under any circumstances."

Of course, what HealthSouth wants may have nothing to do with it. Attorney Donald Watkins, who helped lead the defense team during Mr. Scrushy's federal fraud trial, left little doubt about the direction in which things are headed.  "If I was Mr. Grinney," Watkins said, "I would keep a moving van close to my house because he's never been in a fight with us. We know how to fight and win." 

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