Most parents getting all vaccines for children; FDA hires 1,300 staffers

> Despite fears among some parents that vaccinations can cause autism or other ailments, the vast majority are getting all of the recommended vaccinations for their children, according to the CDC. FierceVaccines

> The FDA has achieved a smashing success in accomplishing its vow to expand its staff roster by 600 and fill hundreds more that had gone vacant. The agency says it's achieved its goal with 1,300 new people on the payroll. A big focus for staffing will be the agency's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. FiercePharma

> Could this be a breakthrough in the MRSA fight? Vaccine researchers say that the key to coming up with an effective vaccine to guard against MRSA has been found in the 'sticky glue' the bacteria produces to grow as a biofilm. FierceVaccines

> At Atlanta's Grady Memorial Hospital, where the books have been awash in red ink for years, the CEO is taking an intensely hands-on approach, going so far as to go over payments check by check. FierceHealthFinance

And Finally... Oh, come on, admit it--it's a little depressing when your city isn't on the list. Article