Most hospitals adding health IT staff; Cardiologists exposed to radiation;

> Nearly 61 percent of healthcare organizations in the U.S. and Canada will add health IT professionals this year, reports iHealthBeat. Article

> Infection rates in patients with heart pacemakers and defibrillators have doubled since the 1990s, attributed to the acuity of the patients, reports HealthDay News. Article

> Waterbury (Conn.) Hospital and St. Mary's Hospital, under LHP Hospital Service Group, are planning to merge to create a new $400-million facility, proposed for 2016, reports Oxford Connecticut Patch. Article

> The board of Western Hospital in New Jersey yesterday rejected a bid from Community Health Systems Inc., which owns Easton Hospital, to buy the hospital, reports the Lehigh Express-Times. Western Hospital instead opted for the St. Luke's Hospital and Health Network. Article

> On the heels of another study that indicates 17 percent of cancer nurses are exposed to toxic chemo drugs, another study finds that cardiologists are regularly exposed to radiation, changing their cells. Press release

And Finally... The top 5 earthquake jokes. Article