More than 40 percent of docs have EMRs; Obesity levels in Americans slowing down;

> The annual National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey from the CDC estimates that 43.9 percent of office-based U.S. physicians used some form of EMR or EHR in 2009. That number, considered a preliminary estimate, is up slightly from 41.5 percent in 2008. FierceEMR

> According to the CDC, obesity levels in the United States appear to be slowing down. Despite that fact, 68 percent of American adults remain overweight. Article

> Twenty-five years after having her windpipe crushed in a car accident, a Belgian woman received a new one via transplant. The new windpipe, which was taken from a dead man, was implanted into her forearm so her own tissue could grow around it, keeping it from being attacked by her own body. Article

And Finally... Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Article