More surgery in rural areas than in cities; Med students lack confidence in their legal knowledge of medicine;

> Most medical students feel they lack the skills and legal knowledge necessary to challenge poor clinical practice and promote better patient care, reveals research published in the Journal of Medical Ethics. Abstract

> Even though autopsies provide valuable information about how a disease progresses and whether treatments are effective, the postmortem exams are becoming rare in U.S. hospitals, reports the Washington Post. Article

> Delaying medical care for patients with asthma exacerbations can lead to worse outcomes, including hospitalization, according to a study presented at the ATS 2011 International Conference in Denver. "Our findings emphasize that patients need to be taught how to gauge when exacerbations are serious and unlikely to get better with self-management only," said lead author Dr. Carol Mancuso. Press Release

> Surprise: Residents of rural areas have more chances of getting one of nine common surgeries than people living in cities, concludes a study of almost 46 million Medicare patients published in Archives of Surgery. Study

> Hospitals in Massachusetts have wide variation in the frequency of Cesarean sections, reports the Boston Globe. Officials from the state Department of Public Health say the report shows a need to eliminate unnecessary C-sections. Article

And Finally... Would you take a blood test that tells you how long you have left? Article