More minority patients linked to ED crowding; State health department can't hold hospitals accountable for errors;

> Medical schools and teaching hospitals are throwing their support behind a bill by Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) that would fund more spots for residents, creating 4,000 new U.S. doctors each year for the next decade, the Association of American Medical Colleges said Monday in a statement. Statement

> Hospitals that serve large volumes of minority patients are more likely to struggle with emergency department crowding and are more likely to divert ambulances, according to a study in Health Affairs. Abstract

> States can opt in and then out of Medicaid expansion, a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services official said Monday at a legislative summit. "That means a state can decide when to come in, if to come in and also, if a state does adopt the expansion and determines at a later time, for whatever reason, that it does not want to maintain the expansion, it could also decide, because it's a voluntary program, to drop the expansion," Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services Director Cindy Mann said. Summit session (video)

> Florida's Department of Health said it can't do much if a hospital is responsible for errors because it doesn't have jurisdiction, evidenced when the Board of Medicine found University of Miami Hospital responsible when a sponge was left inside a surgical patient, Health News Florida reported. Article

>  Medicare incorrectly paid providers in four states for vials of the cancer drug Herceptin, leading to $1.6 million in overpayments, the Office of Inspector General said in a report released Monday. Report

And Finally… The world's first cup of coffee. Article