Modavox Provides Update Regarding 'Augme Mobile Health' Line of Business

PHOENIX and NEW YORK, Dec. 21, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Modavox, Inc. (OTCBB:MDVX), Internet broadcasting pioneer and holder of several patented technologies, is pleased to provide the following update on its Augme Mobile Health line of business. This update provides an overview of Augme Mobile Health's unique application of the AD LIFE(TM) mobile marketing platform, targeting the pharmaceutical industry, and introduces Jeannette Brandofino -- a recognized industry leader serving as Managing Director of Augme Mobile Health.

Augme Mobile Health is a specialized line of business utilizing Modavox's AD LIFE(TM) mobile marketing platform to address the unique demands of the prescription pharmaceutical industry. The platform has been customized and engineered to meet specific pharmaceutical requirements, including data encryption and other enhancements for strict compliance with HIPAA and FDA regulations.

Augme Mobile Health provides mobile interactive technology that enables healthcare marketers and their advertising agencies the ability to communicate with patients and healthcare providers instantly via mobile devices -- at all times within the context of HIPAA security requirements. Augme Mobile Health fulfills the need for product information, samples, or patient education material at point-of-prescription or point-of-decision. In addition to playing a major role in consumers choosing to see a physician about an advertised condition or medication, Augme Mobile Health applications also enable pharmaceutical brands to maintain an ongoing dialogue to aid and enhance patient compliance and adherence by communicating through medication reminders, additional coupon offers, and timely updates to product information.

An entire mobile interactive campaign can be implemented through the AD LIFE(TM) platform and the proprietary technologies it features, delivering appropriately rendered content to all the different cell phone carriers and devices. Additionally, Augme Mobile Health has access to the same proprietary behavioral tracking, analytics, and database targeting capabilities as AD LIFE(TM), and Augme Mobile Health solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing physician and patient databases.

The market drivers for mobile marketing applications in the healthcare industry are especially compelling. For example, a new study by Manhattan Research shows 64% of physicians currently own smartphones or PDAs and say they are "essential to their practices every day." Trends such as this one -- combined with the significant marketing spend in the pharmaceutical industry and the growing demands of the mobile consumer in general -- present a very attractive high growth market opportunity for Augme Mobile Health.

In order to accelerate Augme Mobile Health's entry into this market segment and ensure the modified AD LIFE(TM) offering meets the unique demands of the prescription pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, Modavox is thrilled to be working with Jeannette Brandofino, a well-known industry professional with 30 years of experience in pharmaceutical marketing and medical publishing. In just a few months since first introducing Augme Mobile Health to the market, Ms. Brandofino has closed service contracts for some of the most commonly used prescription drugs, successfully establishing Augme Mobile Health as an instant brand name for mobile marketing in the Pharmaceutical industry.

Confidentiality agreements often limit the extent to which Augme Mobile Health may announce new client agreements and projects.

Ms. Brandofino says: "As pharmaceutical companies continue to shift their marketing dollars from sales-force intensive initiatives to new media, Augme Mobile Health is in a perfect storm providing on-demand product information and offers at the moment a physician or patient needs it. I am thrilled to be working with Modavox under the Augme brand, working to market and sell this brilliant offering to the pharmaceutical marketing community that I have been emerged in for my entire career."

The perfect storm reference is evidenced as this year alone Augme Mobile Health currently works with two of the top ten pharmaceutical companies. Mark Severini, CEO of Modavox says: "On tap for early next year, we are on track to work with at least another five of those top companies providing complete mobilization to at least 30 of their premium brands in FYQ1 alone. Given this trend, I expect Augme Mobile Health to exceed our original end of the year goal by several multiples."

Modavox is also pleased to announce that Augme Mobile Health has mobilized Ms. Brandofino's flagship publication, Doctor's Digest, making it the only medical journal that enables physicians to access expert editorial and practice management tools via mobile or smartphones. "Augme Mobile Health's initiative to provide their patented technology for the mobilization of Doctor's Digest a huge landmark event in medical publishing," says Ms. Brandofino.

"Augme Mobile Health's clients can be certain that all pharmaceutical industry regulations are followed, such as rebates and coupons being properly adjudicated," says Mr. Severini. "Just as important, Augme Mobile Health's clients are assured that they are working with a company that owns patents protecting mobile device detection, mobile content rendering, and behavioral remarketing," he added.

Augme Mobile Health's platform, along with key brand and channel relationships, will enhance the ability of Modavox to create, promote, and distribute unique mobile destinations with patented targeting capability. This immediate presence in the mobile market complements Modavox's current efforts with online targeting advertising, bringing together a comprehensive strategy that fully leverages Modavox patents.

About Brandofino Communications

Brandofino Communications is the publisher of Doctor's Digest, a bimonthly practice management guide offering advice from experts and thought leaders in reducing medical errors, physician/patient communications, evidence-based medicine, and other topics physicians do not learn in medical school. Brandofino Communications has been a leader in e-marketing and emerging technologies in the publishing field, offering print and e-subscriptions, vodcasts, podcasts, and an iPhone application for Doctor's Digest.

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Modavox, Inc. provides Internet applications and services based upon Marketing-driven technology platforms that enhance the delivery of marketing communications through intelligent distribution to all Internet-enabled devices. In 2009, Modavox initiated a comprehensive business growth strategy aimed at fully leveraging the value of its technology and patent portfolio by accelerating the advanced development of technology platforms that apply the most valuable aspects of Modavox's patents. In addition to the continued operation of BoomBox(TM) Radio -- the largest Internet-based Talk Radio network that has been broadcasting uninterrupted since 1997 -- Modavox now manages three newly defined operating divisions in the high growth markets of mobile marketing (AD LIFE(TM)), video content delivery (AD BOOM(TM)) and ad network provisioning (AD SERVE(TM)). These three divisions, together with patents foundational to targeted Web-based communications, will enable Modavox to pioneer a new era in marketing and new media communications with Internet applications and services for targeted consumers and communities worldwide. For more information, please visit

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