MGMA plans 50-state payer rating survey

The Medical Group Management Association has set plans to conduct a 50-state survey of health professionals asking them to rate various aspects of their relationship with payers. The survey, which closes October 24, is open to both MGMA members and non-members. Those who participate in the survey will be mailed a copy of the results.

While the survey will specifically target the top five health plans in each state, it will ask each respondent the same questions. "Our intent is to see whether there's trends or problems we can identify and provide feedback to the payers," said Anders Gilberg, vice president of public and private economic affairs with the association.

Questions contained in the survey include how satisfied the respondent is with the payer's provider credentialing process, how long it takes for the payer to respond to their questions, how satisfied they are with the payer's website as a means of conducting business and how much leverage their practice has during contract negotiations.

The survey is one of a growing number of efforts designed to rate aspects of payer performance, including a recent national payer survey by the AMA and a regional one by the Massachusetts Hospital Association.

To learn more about MGMA's survey:
- visit the MGMA survey page

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