Mercy Medical announces hiring, salary freezes; AIDS now China's deadliest infectious disease;

> The American Hospital Association, the Federation of American Hospitals and the Association of American Medical Colleges all believe they know how to best help CMS create workable regulations that allow hospitals to reward doctors without being too "complex and rigid." Article

> Joining a number of other facilities like the Cleveland Clinic, Iowa's Mercy Medical Center just announced plans for a hiring and salary freeze. The salary freeze will go into effect for the facility's managers, directors and senior management. FierceHealthFinance

> Wisconsin's AG scored a $153 million victory in court against Pfizer (via Pharmacia, which it acquired in 2003). A jury ruled that the company repeatedly committed Medicaid fraud, purposely overcharging the state for prescription drugs. FiercePharma

> AIDS has now become the most deadly infectious disease in China, according to an Xinhua News Agency report. Article

And Finally... Apparently marijuana reduces your car's ability to think clearly, as well. Article