Merck dumps latest obesity drug; Financial stresses trickling down to healthcare;

> You can write off another experimental obesity drug. In a tersely worded statement, Merck announced that it is dumping its late-stage obesity drug taranabant after determining that the efficacy of the drug is tied to high doses--which in turn triggered side effects. FierceBiotech

> While the bailout plan is likely to resurface in some form going forward, in the meantime it's a nervous time for the financial markets. That means stressful financial relationships for healthcare borrowers in the near future, including high interest rates and tough-to-obtain capital. FierceHealthFinance

> Over at blog Hospital Impact, blogger Tony Chen has offered his list of six implications of the financial meltdown for hospitals. It's worth a read.

> FiercePharma takes a look at all of the FDA News from the month of September, helping to break it down. FiercePharma

And Finally... On top of everything else, this guy was arrested? Talk about adding insult to injury. Article