Merck CEO vows openness on MD payments; Bayer named as 'green' pharma company;

> Perhaps realizing the writing is on the wall--in 10-foot-high-letters, natch--Merck's CEO is vowing that the company is going to be completely open about dollars it pays to physicians going forward. FiercePharma

> So, who's the greenest pharmaceutical company? According to one environmental group, Bayer takes top honors. FiercePharma

> Ready to bring your hospital over to computerized physician order entry, but afraid of the disruption to your operations? One hospital solved this problem by using a physician portal. FierceHealthIT

> Ochsner Clinic CIO Dr. Lynn Witherspoon talks about the wireless strategy that has brought its widespread network of hospitals under a single umbrella and given its staff far more mobility. FierceMobileHealthcare

And Finally... Why bother with cement overshoes when you've got a crocodile to make your point? Article