Medversant’s ProviderSourceTM Protects Healthcare Providers’ Personal Health Privacy Against Intrusive Inquiries

ProviderSourceportal ensures that credentialing, enrollment, and other provider data collection applications do not violate the Americans with Disabilities Act

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Concern is growing over provider applications, portals and other provider data collection methods that may potentially compromise individual privacy rights. Medversant’s ProviderSourceTM (patent pending), a new alternative provider data collection portal, was designed to protect providers’ personal and mental health information in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), HIPAA and other federal and state laws. ProviderSourceTM is being rapidly adopted across the US to streamline provider data collection by state governments, health plans and other organizations.

The negative consequences of intrusive provider applications are addressed in a recent editorial in Academic Medicine (June 2010 - Volume 85 - Issue 6). In this submission, Thomas E. Schacht, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the James H. Quillen College of Medicine, points to the troubling demands being made by “private corporations for unlimited a priori authority to obtain physicians' privileged personal health information.”

Using the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) and its Universal Provider Datasource® (UPD) provider data collection tool as an example, Schacht warns that some health data management organizations collect credentialing information in a centralized database for member organizations, requiring prior provider consent for release of, “…whatever information CAQH may deem relevant, including but not limited to personal health and mental health information that would otherwise be legally privileged.” Schacht also notes that by signing this general consent, providers, “…waive notice as to whether, when, and from whom any confidential information is sought or obtained by CAQH.”

ProviderSourceTM was developed through extensive research with doctors and other providers, taking into account privacy concerns and other issues that would influence widespread adoption.

In fact, according to Qin Ye, MD, a former surgical oncologist who is now senior VP at Medversant and leads development of the project, “ProviderSourceTM represents a real step forward in delivering a real solution to the market, not just a Band-Aid approach. Through ProviderSourceTM, subscribing healthcare organizations electronically issue their own branded personal health information release—allowing providers to grant individualized access to their privileged personal health information on a case by case basis.”

Matthew Haddad, president and CEO of Medversant, the nation’s leader in integrated provider data management and primary source verification, explains, “We take this issue very seriously. Medversant’s ProviderSource™ offers a safe, non-intrusive structure that protects providers’ privacy in regard to their health records, as outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act. Unlike other Web-based applications or portals, Medversant does not generate revenue by selling provider information. At the same time, ProviderSource™ uses the most efficient methodology for supplying health plans and other organizations with the information they need to credential and enroll providers.”

Unlike other universal provider applications, Medversant’s ProviderSource™:

  • Utilizes organization-specific release forms for access to non-public provider information
  • Allows complete provider control over confidential personal health information, in accordance with the ADA
  • Facilitates direct communication between the provider and their requesting organization

Haddad concludes, “Through ProviderSourceTM, Medversant is able to offer unmatched capabilities and cost-effectiveness to health plans and hospitals by facilitating immediate access to comprehensive provider data files while remaining committed to providing a credentialing model that respects providers' privacy and other concerns.”

About Medversant

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Medversant Technologies, LLC, provides rapidly deployed, end-to-end and fully integrated Web-based provider data management solutions. Organizations can outsource processes and use Medversant’s state-of-the-art shared platform technology without incurring license fees, maintenance fees or software-as-service subscription fees. Medversant’s solutions directly address provider data collection, credentials verification, enrollment, accuracy of provider data, contracting, systems integration and can reduce fraud and waste. Medversant is the creator and exclusive provider of AutoVerifi™ (U.S. Patent 7,529,682), the process and method for continuous electronic verification of provider credentials. Medversant is certified by NCQA and accredited by URAC as a national Credentials Verification Organization. Contact 213.291.6139 or visit


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