MedVantx Launches Break Through Pharmacy Automation Platform for Worksite Health Clinic Marketplace at the 5th Annual Congress o

Novel program creates lower cost alternative to onsite pharmacies and provides first ever access to samples of leading generic medications within the worksite clinic setting helping employers cost effectively integrate medical and pharmaceutical care

SAN DIEGO, July 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- MedVantx, Inc. today announced its commercial launch of a break-through pharmacy automation platform that is designed to eliminate the historical cost, quality and access barriers of providing onsite pharmaceutical care in the workplace.  The Company's MedStart™-Worksite point of care automation platform creates first ever access to generic samples in the employee clinic setting.  This new worksite platform will be launched at the upcoming Congress on On-Site Employee Health Clinics in Chicago, Illinois on July 25-26.

The MedVantx MedStart™-Worksite program is a natural extension of the company's successful MedStart™-MD program that has provided over 2.5M consumers' first ever immediate access to initial generic therapy at the point of care through a network of over 3,500 physicians.  The new MedVantx worksite program will provide work-site clinics with a comprehensive formulary of generic, over-the-counter and branded prescription medication covering acute, chronic and complex conditions through its proprietary automated ATM-like medication management system (MedStart-Worksite™).  The MedStart-Worksite™ system automates the traditional sampling process for clinic staff; captures clinic sampling data in the patients' medical record claims history and provides employee access to highly relevant drug and disease state educational materials. Employers are also able to extend the benefits of this program via ongoing home delivery of prescription therapy to their employees after the trial of initial therapy.

"We are extremely excited about the launch of the MedStart™-Worksite program," stated Robert Feeney, Chief Executive Officer of MedVantx, Inc.  "The market for onsite employee clinics is growing rapidly as employer groups open more primary care medical centers in their offices and factories as a way to offer convenient service and free or low-cost health care.  The challenge with the current worksite clinic marketplace has been the relatively high cost to provide integrated medical and pharmaceutical care access in one location.   That's the issue that MedVantx solves.  Our platform provides onsite medical clinics a cost effective way to offer their employees access to a broad spectrum of medications onsite as well as ongoing access to integrated care management and home delivery services."

About MedVantx, Inc.

MedVantx is an innovative consumer medication management and delivery company committed to streamlining access, reducing costs and providing highly relevant information to benefit patients, physicians, health plans and manufacturers.  The MedVantx platform is a fully automated / integrated point of care to consumer home delivery channel focused on increasing the quality and cost effectiveness of the last non-managed pharmaceutical channel - the physician's office sample closet.  The Company consumer medication management platform includes free initial prescription and over-the-counter medication therapy at the point of care; a consumer helpline providing drug information and reimbursement assistance and convenient consumer home delivery through its wholly-owned home delivery pharmacy subsidiary, AmeriPharm. The national MedVantx network has served over 2.5 million consumers through an integrated network including 16 health plans, 18 manufacturers and more than 3,500 physicians.

Additional information about MedVantx and interest in our new MedStart™-Worksite program please see us at 5th Annual Congress on On-Site Employee Health Clinics July 25-26, 2011 at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Chicago, IL or contact MedVantx, Inc. at (858) 625-2990.

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