MedLion Direct Primary Care Expands to the East Coast with Philadelphia Location

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Dr. Samir Qamar, MedLion’s founder and CEO, explains, “As primary care physicians look for ways to enjoy private practice again, Direct Primary Care (DPC) keeps coming up. DPC allows employers and consumers to enjoy high quality primary care at a fraction of the cost of insurance-based models, with a strong focus on customer service and preventive medicine. Doctors enjoy DPC because of decreased patient loads and minimal interference with respect to the doctor-patient relationship. Costly downstream referrals, over-testing, and medical complications are effectively reduced via affordable, high-impact primary care. MedLion is growing around the country for this reason. We have practices being prepared in several cities, including Los Angeles, Denver, Phoenix, and Sacramento. We are very pleased to have Dr. Williams represent us in the Philadelphia area with our first East Coast facility.”

Board-certified in internal medicine, Dr. Williams has been in practice for more than 25 years, working in rural and urban environments and serving as medical director of several nursing homes and as an emergency and urgent care physician.

“I chose to open a brand new DPC practice from the ground up rather than converting an established practice in order to decrease the disruption of care for patients who may prefer the traditional insurance-based care model,” says Dr. Williams, whose office is located in Exton, Pennsylvania, only 40 miles from downtown Philadelphia. “I believe the best medical care occurs when a patient finds and maintains a good relationship with a quality doctor who makes them feel comfortable and listens.”

Why did Dr. Williams choose to make the move to MedLion Direct Primary Care? “Regulators and insurers have interfered with the special and vital patient-doctor relationship and reduced the time spent with patients to an average of 7 minutes per visit. Such a brief time is disadvantageous, forcing excessively frequent sub-specialty referrals that may be ultimately unnecessary. This has ballooned national healthcare spending and driven up individual insurance premiums as well. MedLion was the perfect solution for me.”

Dr. Williams reports that the patients and employers to whom he presents the DPC model are showing great enthusiasm. “MedLion limits physicians to a total patient population of 1,500 individuals, half the national average, allowing for same-day visits and telemedicine responses,” he notes. “As many as 50% of office visits can safely be handled over the telephone or via email. Patients are usually forced to miss work and go to the office for problems, because with insurance, the office is not paid without a face-to-face visit. In our model we utilize a private secure Internet portal for each patient, and we are immediately alerted and can treat remotely, saving the patient time and money. Naturally, our patients can always come in when necessary.”

With the industry’s inclusion in the Affordable Care Act, Direct Primary Care has already shown to be a strong solution for small- and medium-size businesses, as well as individuals who have been frozen out of the healthcare market by current pricing trends. In addition, the MedLion program benefits companies by lowering workman’s compensation premiums. “Our approach to primary medical care and strong, cost-controlling application of occupational and workman's compensation is a dramatic step for companies. When employers enroll their employees in our MedLion program we can substantially drive down their year-end workman’s comp costs,” says Dr. Williams.

“When doctors work for insurance, hospital, or government reimbursement, their decisions are undoubtedly influenced by the needs of those who pay them,” adds Dr. Williams. “With DPC I’m reimbursed directly by the consumer and my entire focus is on the patients’ needs. I am beholden to no one else but them. DPC can go a long way to improve care and control costs. Affordable excellence is the MedLion DPC goal, and I cannot wait to get started.”

Dr. Williams’ Philadelphia MedLion practice opens in October, 2013. Interested parties may contact MedLion’s main office for more information, at (702) 722-6671 PST, or visit .