Meditation rooms replacing chapels in hospitals; Big and small ways to save on energy and utility costs;

> At least three hospitals in the Sacramento area are moving away from traditional chapels--used by families of patients for prayer and doctors for "spiritual refreshing"--and toward nondenominational meditation rooms, complete with spaces for prayer rugs and window facing east. Article

> FierceHealthcare publisher Wendy Johnson wants to know, when was the last time you asked your operations VP about money- and energy-saving ideas? "These guys, and gals, know the innards of your facility better than anyone, and are perfectly positioned to know where you're wasting money," she writes. Hospital Impact

> "Don't blink or you might miss a seismic shift in mobile healthcare," proclaims FierceMobileHealthcare's Neil Versel. "The smartphone is about to become the heartphone." Commentary

And Finally... And here we thought that politics was a game of corruption and greed. Article