MEDISTICK® Announces Launch of Its State of the Art Multilingual Medical Record Translation Software.

MEDISTICK GmbH has completed the development of a personal multilingual medical record aid, allowing quick access to personal medical history in five languages.

Mittelhäusern, Switzerland (PRWEB) September 24, 2007 -- MEDISTICK GmbH, a young Swiss company, has completed the development of what they believe is the world's only personal multilingual medical record aid, allowing quick access to personal medical history in five languages - which they say improves efficient diagnoses ( and treatment irrespective of a person's whereabouts in the world or language skills.

Alessandra Witsch (38) and John Miley (50) are the co creators and founders of the Medistick idea. John Miley says: Following a very successful launch of the trial version in June 2006 and extensive market research there is absolutely no doubt digital medical records are a great advantage to have in today's world." He adds, "To use this fact to promote the implantation ( of chips is a little bizarre - to say the least, especially when far better unobtrusive solutions are available, we believe with the extensive development of this software Medistick is the only truly international medical record aid to consider, and it goes in the pocket.

They say the Java based software ( is designed to independently run on any computer via the USB port without any need for software installation, which "they believe" will be especially helpful in emergency situations providing medical responders with critical information about their unknown patient.

The software's medical database automatically translates into English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Alessandra Witsch added, "With Medistick people can pro-actively participate in helping the medical services to help them. We also believe that this aid will help to alleviate

the burden of increasing costs in medical services by greatly reducing unnecessary wasted time and repeat tests before treatment can be applied, which also produces less hazardous medical waste to pollute the environment, and that can't be a bad thing. In the end it's about personal responsibility and self empowerment."

MEDISTICK® is an E.U.registered Trade Mark and copyrighted.



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