Medicare Part D drugs 30 percent more costly; Weather extremes can be costly for hospitals;

> A new report issued by the House suggests taxpayers are paying up to 30 percent more for prescription drugs under Medicare Part D than under Medicaid. FiercePharma

> When it gets blazing hot outside in the summertime, or freezing cold during the winter, most people don't think about these events as potential sources of bad debt. But that's a concern hospital financial executives must consider, according to a new analysis. FierceHealthFinance

> A new study suggests that the U.S. is well behind other countries when it comes to electronic medical record adoption by physicians. FierceHealthIT

> Researchers are trying to find out why a vaccine for Alzheimer's would be able to eliminate the beta-amyloid plaque long considered responsible for the disease without actually curing it. FierceVaccines

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