Medicare fraud settlements recoup $4B in 2010; Nonprofit hospital CEOs rake in big bucks;

> Medicare fraud settlements rose 56 percent in fiscal year 2010, the Departments of Health and Human Services and Justice announced yesterday at a healthcare fraud prevention summit in Detroit. Those prosecutions resulted in more than $4 billion returned to the Medicare Health Insurance Trust Fund. Press Release

>  Hospital senior management reported the highest overall job satisfaction of all hospital employees, while critical intensive care workers were least satisfied with their jobs, concludes a study by HR Solutions. Employees with low overall job satisfaction usually work long hours, perform risky procedures, and spend most of their workday caring for patients in critical condition. Announcement (.pdf)

‎> Top executives at not-for-profit hospitals in New York are receiving hefty salaries and benefits, reports the New York Post. Statewide, 119 administrators and physicians earned at least $500,000 a year, with 34 of them raking in more than $1 million. Article

> The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia was given a $10 million grant to develop childhood obesity prevention and treatment programs, the facility announced today. The funds, donated by the Foundation for a Healthy America, will transpire over the next three years. Press Release

And Finally... Following nurse's orders can be deadly. Article