Medical Quicken shapes up

Intuit has been making waves since it announced an agreement with Ingenix, Hewitt Associates and several others about getting into the personal health record space. FierceHealthcare editor Matthew Holt recently met with Mike Battaglia, the new SVP of Health Care at Intuit. Battaglia has come from Humana, where he led the insurer's consumer research and marketing efforts. That he's moved to Intuit, a company known for fixing information and transactional problems for consumers and small businesses with its Quicken and TurboTax products, is indicative of a wider move by consumer companies into healthcare. Although Intuit's exact product and strategy won't be announced for a year or so, it's clear that "Medical Quicken" will be a major player, along with WebMD and perhaps several others, in the development of accessible information about their providers, insurers and health information. Definitely watch this space.

- see this release from Intuit