Medical Messenger and Agility Team-Up to Provide Disaster Recovery Services to All AstralJet Private Practice Physicians

Partnership signals awareness of the needs of all doctors as they migrate from paper to digital offices

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., March 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- "This is just like buying home insurance!  We hope that none of our AstralJet doctors will ever need to invoke their disaster recovery plan, but we want to make sure they have that option available to them in case they need it," quoted Mike Hahl, Product Manager for Medical Messenger.  

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Doctors will be going through a major migration when they start to use an EHR system within their practice.  The workflow, the capturing and the processing of information will all change to varying degrees from office to office – but one thing is certain, each office will embrace some change.  We know that each office will cover the major issues of selecting the right certified EHR,  attaining business-class Internet access, upgrading the hardware, and then building a plan for migration so that the office can manage all of the changes.  At Medical Messenger, we have tried to put ourselves in the doctor's shoes to understand what he or she might need for both medical and business issues during this migration.  

However, as was read one time in another publication, "Disaster has no schedule!"  The Midwest has its floods, the West has its earthquakes, the South its tornadoes, the Northeast has its "Nor Easters" and the Southeast and Gulfcoast have their hurricanes – no one is exempt from disaster.  Starting in 2011, each provider will be highly focused on learning their EHR, tracking the progress for themselves and their practice, and eventually attaining Meaningful Use.  The problem is that in the middle of all that hard work and medical service – life happens.

Medical Messenger has partnered with Agility Recovery to provide robust, cost-effective recovery solutions, consulting services and planning education for AstralJet providers.  Medical Messenger wants to provide AstralJet doctors with all the medical services they need to attain Meaningful Use.  In addition, Medical Messenger is providing the business services doctors may need to stay ahead of the curve during this transition.  

"Many people in this country focused on the five-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  Yet, disasters occur everywhere and at any time.  Agility has responded to over 560 disaster events and performed over 700 test simulations for its members in the last two years," states Agility CEO Bob Boyd.  "Our ReadySuite solution gets offices back up and running quickly because our experienced continuity specialists work with members from day one to make sure each has a viable recovery plan in place.  Now is the time to provide this service to doctors at all levels of the industry!"

About Agility Recovery Solutions

Agility Recovery Solutions, a former division of GE, has over 21 years of disaster recovery and business continuity experience.  Since 1989, Agility has provided comprehensive, packaged recovery solutions, consulting services and testing options to businesses across North America.  Agility revolutionized the disaster recovery and business continuity industries by developing a simple, cost-effective and easy-to-use recovery solution called ReadySuite.

About Medical Messenger

As the visionary for Medical Messenger products and services, Dr. Mark Freeman has directed the path of the ASTRALJET EMR from the initial 2006 certification to its current Internet-based EMR/PM services platform. Having recently finished developing the First True 21st Century EMR/PM System—ASTRALJET V4 was recently released in June 2010 and has all the features and functions for Meaningful Use certification, without overwhelming the practice with technology. For more information about Medical Messenger and its AstralJet services please visit our website at

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