Medical education game goes 'beyond entertainment'; Government must embrace social media to inform the populace;

> Calling all hardcore nerds! This may be just what the future doctor ordered: Drs. Arun Mathews and Francis Kong, founders of medical education gaming company Nerdcore Learning, have created a role-playing card game called "The Healing Blade" that is being touted as similar to "Magic: The Gathering." According to American Medical News, the game is described as "serious" and is meant to serve "a purpose beyond entertainment." Article

> Ordinary citizens have flocked to social media by the millions. If government wants to get its messages out and truly engage the citizenry, agencies need to embrace the same tools, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention marketing specialist. FierceHealthIT

> While the health reform law provision requiring health insurers to allow parents to keep children on their health insurance plan up to age 26 doesn't take effect until Sept. 23, several insurers have announced they will take steps now to keep young adults from falling into this coverage gap once they graduate from college or meet other criteria that exclude them. FierceHealthPayer

And Finally... Maybe this woman considered not having an immediate ride home to be an emergency. Either way, not smart. Article