MedDirect Develops Automatic Payment Posting Solution for Patient Balances

MedDirect Develops Automatic Payment Posting Solution for Patient Balances

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, MedData’s dedicated patient engagement revenue cycle management brand, announced today the development of technology that automatically posts patient payments (for patient responsibility balances) directly into clients’ systems, streamlining the self pay reconciliation process, providing significant staffing and time cost-saving benefits, and accelerating self pay reimbursements.

Currently, a majority of practices manually post patient payments back into their systems: a timely and expensive process. In fact, many groups have built a staffing platform exclusively dedicated to posting patient payments; MedDirect’s solution has allowed clients to reduce staffing or reallocate them to more meaningful tasks.

The MedDirect solution automatically passes payment data back to clients on a daily basis to ensure all current information is constantly updated in their systems. Additionally, many of these data exchanges permit clients to post these payments at the individual charge level in order to be able to precisely track how the payments apply. This level of detail allows for better communication with the patient by more precisely identifying the specific charges that are past due. The solutions include custom connectivity technology that works with nearly every existing platform to automatically place the patient data back into their system.

“It’s difficult to convey just how exciting it is to roll out these incredible enhancements for our MedDirect patient engagement solution,” stated Ann Barnes, MedData’s president and chief operation officer. “With each new enhancement, the MedDirect solution becomes exponentially more indispensable to both practices and their patients, streamlining patient balance reimbursements, improving patient satisfaction, providing dramatic cost savings to our clients, and ultimately changing the way patients think about their healthcare costs.”

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