Massachusetts nurses complain of illegal mandatory overtime

Nurses at Addison Gilbert Hospital in Gloucester, Massachusetts, and Beverly (Massachusetts) Hospital filed more than 50 complaints about mandatory overtime with the Massachusetts Nurses Association between January and late May, according to the Gloucester Times. Nurses at the two hospitals, both run by Lahey Health, had to work more mandatory overtime together than any other acute care general hospital in the state, according to the article. A 2012 state law banned mandatory overtime in Massachusetts with a few exceptions. But representatives from Lahey told the publication that the system did not violate the law. "The practice of mandatory overtime is indefensible by any patient safety standard, and yet this employer continues to increase their use of this practice in blatant violation of state law," MNA Executive Director Julie Pinkham said in a statement. "We intend to do whatever is necessary to ensure Lahey Health follows the law and provides safe care for the patients at these hospitals." Article

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