Mass. Health debate heats up

It was a foregone conclusion that the official essay topic in the nation's editorial pages this weekend would be the great Massachusetts healthcare experiment. And it is. "Massachusetts will fail," argues Sally Pipes of the conservative think tank PRI in USA Today. "The end result of Massachusetts' "innovative" plan will be a total government takeover of healthcare."

- see this article from USA Today

PLUS: This is a refreshing idea, argues the Dallas Morning News, and it's about time someone did something about the uninsured. After all, with 25 percent of Texans lacking insurance coverage, there are almost as many uninsured people in Texas as there are people in Massachusetts. Article

ALSO: The editorial board at the Los Angeles Times could hardly contain themselves, showering the initiative and Gov. Mitt Romney with praise. "This could be as revolutionary as when the Minutemen squared off against the British at Lexington in 1775." Article

AND: The Hartford Courant was a little more cautious, although guardedly optimistic. "A newly-created bureaucracy will decide which private plans provide the best coverage for affordable rates. This could be a potential minefield of conflict and political pitfalls." Article