Many firms support universal coverage

A sizable number of employers favor a universal healthcare system and want far more transparency from hospitals and physicians, concludes a new survey by United Benefit Advisors.


According to the findings, one in six employers favors universal healthcare coverage paid for by taxes. Moreover, nearly 75 percent said they want the government to require physicians and hospitals to disclose clear and specific cost and quality information.

Virtually all respondents said they were concerned about the impact of healthcare costs on their overall corporate costs and bottom line results. Half said it was a critical concern.

Ninety-seven percent of employers said they were concerned with the financial impact healthcare costs have on their workers, up 20 percent over the past three years. Only about one in eight employers believe their employees should bear the bulk of future healthcare costs.

"On an encouraging note, there is a trend of employers implementing wellness and health management strategies that they feel are having a positive impact on chronic conditions and the effectiveness of these programs in general," said William Stafford, UAB's vice president of member services.

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