Mankato Clinic selects Jardogs' FollowMyHealth™ Universal Health Record

MANKATO, Minn., Feb. 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Mankato Clinic, one of Minnesota's largest physician-owned multi-specialty regional group practices, has selected the Jardogs FollowMyHealth™ Universal Health Record (UHR) to provide online access to its patients.


"Our partnership with Jardogs will allow our patients to be the true gatekeepers of their health information, using one Universal Health Record instead of a proprietary patient portal for every organization they visit," said Dr. Julie Gerndt, Chief Medical Officer of the Mankato Clinic.  "FollowMyHealth™ will allow our patients to complete forms electronically from their homes instead of in the office on clipboards. Furthermore, the data from the forms flows into our electronic medical record system, eliminating data entry and improving the accuracy of clinical information. The resulting return on investment will be immediate."

"FollowMyHealth™ creates a truly interactive health environment in that patients can contribute health information and send it to their physicians as well as communicate with their providers for everything from appointment requests to online consults," said Jim Hewitt, CEO of Jardogs. "Our solution combines the individual health record approach of a PHR with the integration of a patient portal to create the only true Universal Health Record."  

About the Mankato Clinic

The Mankato Clinic was founded in November 1916, by five area physicians who believed that a comprehensive, multi-specialty group practice offered the best means of providing quality health care to the residents of southern Minnesota. The Mankato Clinic has grown to over 120 physicians and practitioners located in Mankato, North Mankato, St. Peter, Mapleton, and Lake Crystal. The Mankato Clinic and its satellites employ nearly 700 people, and ranks among the top 15 employers in the region.

About Jardogs

Jardogs, LLC was founded in 2009 in Springfield, Illinois and aims to improve the productivity of businesses and individuals and to pave a new way of interacting with technology to increase the availability of information in our everyday lives. Jardogs is currently focused on patient access solutions which include the award winning patient self check-in kiosk and the FollowMyHealth™ Universal Health Record. To learn more about Jardogs or FollowMyHealth™, visit,, or contact Kate Palazzolo at 1-217-527-3647, [email protected].