Malpractice claim resolution takes time; Providers hail tablets for improved workflow;

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> Waiting for a malpractice claim to be resolved can take up to 11 percent of the average physician's medical career, according to a study in this month's Health Affairs. Statement

> Colorado is seeing a major healthcare construction boom, with 50 hospital construction projects totaling $3.4 billion, Colorado Public News reported. Article

Health IT News

> Computer-based decision support would likely benefit case and bed management efforts by hospitals, concludes a provisional study published in this week's BMC Medical Informatics & Decision Making. Article

> Nearly three-fourths of surveyed healthcare providers say tablets improve their workflow, reported EHR Intelligence. Article

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> One of the most critical ways for practices to offset unpredictable reimbursements during implementation of the Affordable Care Act is to keep expenses under control, according to Physicians Practice. Article

And Finally… Beer for dogs. Article