Major changes for the FDA?; Medical real estate still healthy;

> Given the long string of recent, high-profile problems under its administration, should the FDA be replaced or restructured? FiercePharma

> Though the rest of the commercial real estate sector may be on life support, medical real estate is still healthy, one industry player says. FierceHealthFinance

> For years, the vaccine industry has thrived, as it operated under an 80s-era legal shield, protecting it from many lawsuits. Now, however, some are questioning whether that shield should stay in place. FierceVaccines

> Social media may look like a fad, but many observers say it's likely to become a critical part of a hospital's IT strategy in the future. FierceHealthIT

And Finally... Well, they do say "don't mess with Texas." Maybe they had Val Renfro in mind. Article