Louisiana doctor targeted by state files lawsuit against AG

Dr. Anna Pou certainly has been through hard times since Hurricane Katrina hit, particularly when the state of Louisiana arrested her for allegedly euthanizing four patients during the storm. Now, she's fighting back in court. Dr. Pou has filed suit in state court, in Baton Rouge, La., accusing the state's attorney general of arresting her primarily as grist for his re-election bid.  Her suit seeks to force the state to defend her against civil suits filed by families of three of the deceased patients.

To date, Pou has not been formally charged. However, State Attorney General Charles Foti claims Pou and two nurses killed four people at Tenet's Memorial Medical Center during the flooding and civil chaos that followed Katrina. The state has dropped the case against the two nurses, Lori Budo and Cheri Landry.

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