London hospitals care for bombing victims

Hospitals in central London absorbed the brunt of yesterday's subway bombings, treating hundreds of injured commuters. Royal London Hospital, which is located near the Liverpool Street station and University College Hospital -- not far away from the Kings Cross area -- provided care for many of the victims. The latest official estimate this morning is that more than 50 people were killed in the attacks and 700 hundred were injured.

In an odd coincidence, an incident in which a bomb blew the top off of a double decker bus played out in Tavistock square, just feet away from the entrance of BMA House, the headquarters of the British Medical Association. Doctors inside, many of whom haven't practiced in years, rushed out to the aid of those caught by the explosion. Within minutes, the association's offices had been converted into a makeshift triage center. A BMA spokesperson said 20 people were treated on the scene and two victims died. Later accounts suggest over a dozen deaths on the bus and several more bodies remaining in the Piccadilly line tunnel.

- see this story from BBC News

PLUS: One well known "medical" blog is Random Acts of Reality. It's written by a London EMT and has many interesting posts about yesterday's emergency efforts. Blog