LGBT med students fear discrimination; Providers shift to private health information exchanges;

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> Research indicates that about one-third of lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender medical students stay "in the closet," mainly due to a fear of discrimination, HealthDay reported. Article

> Saint Catherine Regional Hospital in Charlestown, Indiana, which has been in the midst of bankruptcy proceedings, was set to close its doors Wednesday morning and start to liquidate its assets, according to WDRB. Article

> A new survey found that healthcare providers often choose private health information exchanges over their struggling public versions as part of the transition to quality-based payment systems that require increased amounts of patient data, according to the Healthcare Financial Management Association. Announcement

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> After hackers compromised information for nearly 80 million Anthem customers earlier this month, the nation's second-largest insurer is being hit with lawsuits across the country. Article

> With less than two weeks until the Supreme Court hears the King v. Burwell case regarding the legality of federal subsidies, the healthcare insurance industry continues to speculate over its potential outcome. Article

And Finally … Drive-by ashes. Article