Lexapro marketing included money, meals for docs; Chronic disease management programs may save money;

> A new expose in the New York Times suggests that drugmaker Forest Labs' efforts to promote antidepressant Lexapro included a boatload of payments and meals for doctors. FiercePharma

> Current CBO estimates of the costs generated by chronic disease programs may be off--and in fact, such programs may indeed save money--argue the authors of a new industry-backed study of chronic disease programs' longer-term effects. FierceHealthIT

> Until recently, most healthcare organizations dismissed the RFID as being far too expensive for perennially cash-strapped hospitals. FierceMobileHealthcare's Neil Versel believes, however, that that seems to be changing. FierceMobileHealthcare

> Some infusion solutions found in common IV treatments may actually cause a life-threatening inflammation, according to a new journal article. Article

> Getting bone surgery seems to be just a bit more dangerous after-hours. Article

And Finally... This boy's warlike name may not please everybody, but a German court says it's a legal one. Article