Lessons from Beyonce: Hospitals need evidence-based management

Guest post by Lynn McVey, CEO and president of Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center

My intention here is to discuss evidence-based management practices. But first, I want to discuss Beyoncé. I was fortunate enough to see her show at The Barclay Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., last week.

The employees wore very large name tags. As I entered Sharon extended her hand to shake mine. "Welcome to Barclays!" she said with a smiling, proud face. "Thanks!" I replied with as much enthusiasm. Sharon was certainly infectious. I was immediately impressed with the Barclay culture.

"Know where I can find a cup of coffee, Rondell?" I asked another employee upstairs near my section. "Sure," he said and gave me perfect directions.

As I waited for the Starbucks kiosk to be set-up, I asked Brenda how she liked working at Barclay's. "I love it here!" she gushed. "We all love it here!" She explained that Barclay's held group interviews and by process of elimination, they selected the new employees.

Apparently, they chose correctly. "You've waited too long for your coffee, this is on the house," Brenda said. As a hospital CEO, I was so amazed by what was happening to me.

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