Legislators ready to restrict DTC ads; Number of HIEs going online up about 40 percent since 2008;

> Congress is preparing a host of changes to how it treats pharma advertising, including yanking the tax deduction on pharma's much-beloved direct-to-consumer ads. FiercePharma

> On another pharma advertising front, pharmaceutical companies are looking at spending a whopping $100 million to make sure they come out in a good position when reform shakes out. FiercePharma

> Were you wondering whether the health information exchange concept was going to work, too? Well, here's a stat which may change your mind: The number of HIEs going online has risen 40 percent since 2008, a new study says. FierceHealthIT

> Is Medicare ready to reimburse for mobile healthcare? That's what Microsoft's Dr. Bill Crounse is claiming on his blog, at least--that a CMS decision to pay for "online consultations" should also include texting, e-mail and IMing at minimum. FierceMobileHealthcare

And Finally... Well, if you're going to carjack a guy, you might as well give him a little eye candy along the way. Article