Lawmaker wants to revamp mental health systems; Report warns against dangers of CT scans;

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> Rep. Tim Murphy (R-Pa.) proposed a bill to reshape the country's mental health treatment and prevention systems, though it includes a controversial provision that may make it easier for providers to compel the mentally ill to get treatment and take medication, The Hill reports. Article

> World Bank President Jim Yong Kim said his agency has been working with the World Health Organization and other entities to develop a financial "pandemic facility," which would function essentially as an outbreak insurance policy, according to BBC News. Article

> Radiation overexposure due to unnecessary CT scans may be responsible for at least 2 percent of all future cancers, researchers estimate in a recent article from Consumer Reports. Article

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> When the going gets tough, choices get even tougher for independent physicians. But not all physicians struggling to maintain private practices have stuck with the options that have come to comprise today's standard menu: Go big, go concierge or get out. Article

> Sixty percent of physicians have difficulty referring their patients for appropriate cancer care, with such challenges correlating significantly with decreased professional satisfaction, according to a study published in Cancer. Article

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