Lankenau Hospital Receives Life-Saving Heart Certification

Aug. 19, 2009, (Wynnewood, PA)-When 69-year-old Nottingham resident Ned Smith's heart condition, advanced heart failure, drastically worsened, his main regret was the time he would miss with his children and grandchildren. Not a candidate for a heart transplant, Ned was unsure of his options and concerned about the future, until he discovered the VAD Program at leading heart center, Lankenau Hospital.

Recently certified by the Joint Commission for Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) / Destination Therapy, Lankenau Hospital gave Ned a new lease on life. A VAD is an electrical pump, implanted beneath the patient's skin that takes over the pumping function for a weakened heart. It is a life-saver for patients like Ned Smith, who are in need of options other than transplantation. A VAD can extend a patient's life and allow them to enjoy a higher quality of life, too.

"Ned had end-stage heart failure," said Christopher Droogan, DO, Medical Director of the Advanced Heart Failure/VAD Program for Main Line Health at Lankenau Hospital. "The VAD greatly improved Ned's health as well as his life expectancy."

"During surgery we implanted a device on the left side of Ned's heart, taking over the pumping ability of his weakened left ventricle," said Louis Samuels, MD, Surgical Director of the Advanced Heart Failure/VAD Program for Main Line Health, who performed the surgery. "A device like this greatly improves the quality of life for patients like Ned. It's an option we are proud to offer."

"This surgery turned my life around," said Ned. "Knowing that a hospital like Lankenau can offer such lifesaving procedures is a comfort to me and my family."

The prestigious certification, awarded by the Joint Commission, further reinforces Lankenau Hospital's position as one of the premier cardiovascular hospitals in the Philadelphia region.

About Lankenau Hospital

Lankenau Hospital, a member of Main Line Health, in suburban Philadelphia is one of the nation's leading heart centers. The 353-bed teaching hospital is located on a campus that also includes the Lankenau Institute of Medical Research, a freestanding biomedical research institute that specializes in cardiac and cancer research. Lankenau Hospital's nurses are MAGNET®-certified, and the hospital has consistently been recognized as a Top 100 Cardiovascular Hospital by Thomson Reuters. Additionally, Lankenau has been named as a HealthGrades America's 50 Best HospitalTM for 2009, placing it in the top one percent of all hospitals in the nation for quality outcomes.

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