Kyruus Participates in White House Meeting on Open Data Innovation

Participants contribute ideas to enable further private sector innovation using open source data sets in healthcare and other industries

Kyruus Participates in White House Meeting on Open Data Innovation

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Kyruus, a healthcare Big Data company, was among 14 innovative companies invited to participate in the White House Business Council Meeting on Open Data, Innovation, and Job Creation on October 1 in Washington, D.C. The meeting was hosted by Todd Park (United States Chief Technology Officer), Steve VanRoekel (United States Chief Information Officer), Greg Nelson (Chief of Staff of the National Economic Council), and Bryan Sivak (Chief Technology Officer, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) to discuss the use of Open Data for creating products and services that “improve the lives of Americans and create jobs”, with a specific breakout session to discuss opportunities for private sector innovation in the healthcare system using government-produced data sets.

Kyruus CEO Graham Gardner attended the meeting and shared his perspectives on the role that public healthcare data has played in the development of Kyruus’ industry-leading physician network analytics platform. “Healthcare is an industry that produces massive amounts of data, but has not traditionally been a productive utilizer of that data,” said Dr. Gardner. By combining publicly available information about physician demographics, credentials, clinical and scientific expertise, utilization, performance, and compliance, Kyruus has developed a data management platform that enables it to quickly ingest information from clients and create a “unified view of the physician.” This information populates applications that help healthcare organizations across the country improve the way they build, operate, and optimize their physician networks.

While Big Data has been adopted by many other industries, healthcare is widely cited as a sector that has yet to begin to fully reap the benefits of better data-driven insights. But healthcare organizations are also beginning to embrace the reality of transparency programs that have resulted in the public posting of everything from administrative data to performance reports. As Kyruus Chief Data Scientist, Puneet Batra, noted, “The digitization of hospital information has opened the healthcare world to internet-scale Big Data techniques. At Kyruus, we’re now generating novel insights on physician activity and hospital efficiency thanks to the data that the government has liberated through the Open Data initiative.” Kyruus provides these organizations the opportunity to not only monitor and verify those data sets, but also use them to understand where opportunities exist to control costs and improve outcomes.

Kyruus is a Big Data company that enables hospitals and health systems to take a data-driven approach to building, operating, and optimizing their physician networks. The first-in-class KyruusOne data mining and analytics platform creates a “unified view of the physician” across demographic, clinical, research, financial, and performance-related dimensions. Kyruus’ purpose-built search, analysis, and workflow applications deliver measurable ROI in areas of network development, regulatory compliance, and referral network management by directly engaging physicians to help reduce their administrative overhead, optimize decision-making, and increase the efficiency of their clinical practice and research activities. For more information, visit .