Kryptiq ePrescribing Transactions Tripled in 2009

PORTLAND, Ore., October 19, 2009 - Physicians using Kryptiq's eScriptMessenger have increased their number of electronic prescription transactions by 310 percent, when comparing 2009 to date to all of 2008, Kryptiq Corp. announced today.  The company also projects that 2009 is on track to quadruple 2008's performance by the end of the year. Now averaging more than 1 million electronic prescriptions per month, the increase in adoption and utilization of eScriptMessenger has been fueled by a significant increase in demand from both new and existing customers to drive paperless transactions. 
This adoption milestone comes as Kryptiq released a more feature-rich version of its eScriptMessenger (eSM), Version 3.0. The new version expands its feature set with eligibility and formulary information access, and mail-order pharmacy connectivity to accommodate that rapidly growing segment.

With incentives included in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) for electronic prescribing, using software such as eScriptMessenger is one way to demonstrate "meaningful use" to qualify for federal funds. Fueled by these incentives, many experts, such as the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association, predict that a majority of physicians will prescribe electronically by 2014.
"Of the 40 points to qualify for stimulus dollars, ePrescribing is one of the easiest ones to meet," said Lee McMillian, CIO at The Oregon Clinic in Portland, which has been using eScriptMessenger since April 2009.  "Kryptiq's product makes it even easier on clinics, because it doesn't change the clinical workflow. For instance, our staff didn't spend any time changing our processes, which meant we immediately saw improvements in efficiency."
The Oregon Clinic implemented eScriptMessenger 3.0 across its 17 sites, representing approximately 160 providers in Portland. With more than 11,000 patient visits per month, the clinic saw ePrescribing as a necessary way to minimize its paper-based prescribing tasks. 
"In the first three months, we'd already sent more than 15,000 electronic prescriptions for our patients," said McMillian. "In that time, we easily converted 44 percent of all prescriptions written at our sites from paper to digital, which means we were already saving money."
"Evidence from The Oregon Clinic and thousands of other clinics like them is undeniable: America is poised to see an unprecedented flood of adoption for technology that moves healthcare data, such as ePrescribing," said Luis Machuca, CEO of Kryptiq.  "While the government's incentives help create urgency for this nationally, physicians are increasingly recognizing they can complete the transformation from paper-, phone- and fax-based offices with simple technology, and not change their workflow."
Kryptiq's eSM product is a Surescripts Gold Certified solution, available exclusively from GE Healthcare as Centricity® EMR ePrescribing. The product connects physicians directly to community and mail-order pharmacies and payers/pharmacy benefit managers through the Surescripts network.  Newly released eSM 3.0 also allows eligibility for Medicare's ePrescribing Incentive Program.

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