KARE Information Services Launches Revolutionary New Patient-Driven Online Personal Health Records System

Patients and Their Physicians Can Now Access Electronic Personal Medical Records Anywhere, Anytime

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- KARE Information Services (KIS) has launched a revolutionary new patient-driven online medical records system developed by a board certified emergency room physician. The KIS Electronic Health Record (EHR) aims to be an indispensable resource for patients and the healthcare professionals who serve them. A KIS-EHR is a low-cost, comprehensive, digitized medical record that may be accessed at any time, from anywhere—empowering patients to take ownership of their medical records and become active participants in the management of their health care, while enabling doctors to make more informed decisions to choose the best diagnosis and treatment possible.

Dr. Martin Orens, FACEP, envisioned the KIS-EHR after experiencing firsthand the importance of accurate and immediate access to medical records, particularly in emergency situations. “Medical records contain a wealth of critical information about each patient’s health history, experiences, and special needs,” explains Dr. Orens. “Obtaining these medical records, and combining them into one cohesive narrative, has proven to be time consuming, if not challenging, for many patients and their physicians. With KIS-EHR I sought to give patients and physicians direct and immediate access to potentially life-saving and cost reducing medical information.”

A Truly Modern Health Record

A KIS-EHR is a digitized, continuously evolving chronicle of a patient’s medical history, with contributions from each of his or her healthcare providers. All of a patient’s personal health information is compiled into a single source, which is accessible 24/7 anywhere in the world. The KIS-EHR is a truly modern medical record that follows a patient through life, ensuring that his or her potentially life-saving, health-related information will be available as needed. Privacy and security, however, are not sacrificed for the sake of convenience and accessibility. All HIPAA compliances and HHS requirements are held to the highest standards within the encrypted KIS database. Only select individuals chosen by the patient, such as trusted family members and authorized physicians, can access the patient’s KIS-EHR using a password.

Puts Patients in Control of Their Own Medical Records

Patients, such as busy moms caring for themselves, their children and their aging parents; Boomers or those dealing with chronic medical conditions, benefit from the ownership and control that a KIS-EHR provides. For $90 the first year and $75 each subsequent year—about $6 per month—they can quickly access their own digitized personal medical records—even in countries where they don’t speak the language—and share them with doctors as needed. Patients can also authorize KIS to notify family and friends of their current condition, location and physician in the event of an emergency. An easily accessible KIS-EHR further benefits patients by preventing costly and unnecessary tests and procedures, and reducing the risk of harmful medical mistakes, such as prescription errors. With easy access to their medical records, patients are informed about the details of their own health histories, and better equipped to make health care decisions in the future.

Enables Physicians to Give the Best Care Possible

But it isn’t just patients whom Dr. Orens seeks to help with KIS; it is his fellow physicians and healthcare providers. KIS serves healthcare providers by greatly reducing the likelihood of making medical mistakes caused by a lack of information about a patient’s history and needs. By referencing a patient’s KIS-EHR, a healthcare provider can evaluate a patient’s condition with greater ease, reduce or prevent redundant tests and procedures, reach a more accurate diagnosis, and make the most informed decisions about that patient’s care. Furthermore, the KIS-EHR system facilitates networking among all of a patient’s healthcare providers, so they can communicate and coordinate the proper treatment at any given time. Physicians are invited to join KIS at no charge.


KIS-EHR works to improve the lives of individuals everywhere by giving them more control over their most precious asset—their health records. KARE Information Services (KIS) offers a secure, yet easily accessible Electronic Health Records (EHR) system with the mission of empowering patients and enabling their healthcare professionals to better serve them. Launched in 2011 by Dr. Martin H. Orens, a board certified emergency room physician, KIS makes it possible for patients to allow their doctors access to their complete digitized personal health information anywhere, anytime, helping to ensure the best possible medical treatment. For more information on KIS-EHR, visit http://www.kisemr.com, call 1-866-KIS-INFO, become engaged on Facebook or follow our tweets @KISemr.


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