Kaiser awards $7M to CA "safety net" hospitals

Kaiser Permanente announced yesterday that it was awarding $7 million to a group of California's public hospitals and clinic, with funding aimed at helping these "safety net" providers offer better preventive care. The $7 million was broken down into a total of 57 smaller grants, awarded through Kaiser's Health Information Technology Initiative. About $5 million of the funds will help the hospitals and clinics stay up to date with preventive technology such as automation for mammogram reminders and immunization checks. Another group of grants will come in a $1 million bundle funding Kaiser's Prevent Heart Attacks and Strokes Everyday program at clinics and hospitals in Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose. The remaining $1 million will fund quality improvement efforts, along with support for services such as translators for bilingual patients. Kaiser plans to donate a total of $28.5 million this year to community organizations.

For more information on the award:
- read this Kaiser press release