Justice Department vows pharma crackdown; Uninsured use identity fraud to get care;

> In the wake of some spectacular pharma fraud settlements, the U.S. Department of Justice has promised to come down hard on drugmaker corruption and healthcare fraud, as well as the senior executives who sponsored or even tolerated such behavior. FiercePharma

> Identity theft rates are rising rapidly, due in part to thefts by uninsured patients seeking to pay for care, according to the chief investigator for one state medical insurer. Article

> The stimulus law should do much to encourage the development of health information exchanges, according to the physician charged with national coordination of federal health IT efforts. FierceHealthIT

> Healthcare organizations could cut the rate of hip fractures in the U.S. by 25 percent if they did a better job identifying and managing patients at risk for osteoporosis, new research concludes. FierceEMR

And Finally... Deep in the Antarctic wastes, a crate of 100-year old spirits awaits the hearty adventurer--or some guys with a drill. Article